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Total Clarity Realty

Total Clarity Realty, as the name suggests, is about real estate but with a profound difference where the emphasis is on fairness for the property owner in their property sale process.

Fairness starts with our NO COMMISSION policy breaking decades of monopoly style, expensive commission based sales.

Total Clarity means our integrity-based low sales package pricing where the amount charged is all inclusive.  No hidden extras or dubious add ons.

Total Clarity Realty’s powerful sales package empowers Queenslanders to sell their properties on a level playing field with commissioned agents, but with an enormous financial advantage – NO COMMISSION.

We are truly Queensland’s Private Home Sale Specialists.

Our Vision

Total Clarity Realty will become a house hold name in all regions of Queensland as the pre-eminent disrupter to the expensive and uncaring sales methods of traditional real estate.

Our Mission

To provide a superior sales package, backed by genuine service excellence and a no commission policy to empower and reward property sellers.

IT'S AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3!

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1300 585 836

Meet the Team

Geoff and Nicki Gill are co-owners and managers of Total Clarity Realty.

Geoff Gill

Managing Director

Geoff is a significantly experienced and adaptable executive, general manager and business owner who has worked within many commercial industries and sectors including professional services, property, construction, hospitality and tourism and real estate.

Geoff is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and of the Australian Marketing Institute, and is a Certified Practicing Marketer.

Geoff has been involved in the start-up, funding, leadership, restructuring and all facets of management of substantial private and statutory entities and brings a wealth of dynamic competence and skill including:

  • Detailed understanding of ‘what makes a company tick’ and the ability to successfully run, manage and turnaround businesses at strategic/macro and operational/micro/analytical levels.
  • An outgoing personality and a natural entrepreneurial, marketing, sales and business development flair balanced with high levels of integrity, work ethic, pragmatism and a focus on the ‘bottom line’.
  • Strong strategic focus, commercial acumen, Board reporting, Corporate Governance and Risk Management capability.
  • Proven ability to network and develop relationships, partnerships and alliances with a broad range of stakeholders and customers.
  • Outstanding ability to drive positive cultural change and a new corporate image.
  • Leadership skills in multi-disciplinary settings and in complex and challenging situations.
  • Strong team player and a focus on people, rewarding them for their commitment to the values and vision of the organisation.

Geoff thinks laterally and leverages off existing situations.  He has the ability to see a business opportunity, calculate its possibilities, then put together a strategy to best develop that opportunity and the tactical business plan to implement it.  His experience includes managing business from the ground up with overall responsibility for strategy, governance, finance, financial management, project, risk and change management, marketing, sales and business development.


Nicki Gill

Nicki provided executive assistance to a number of Chief Executive Officer’s in a myriad of diverse, successful and fast-paced business environments.  Nicki’s work experience encompasses industries from domestic airlines, pharmaceuticals, international hotel chain, not-for-profit, national law firm and local government.

Nicki has extensive experience in small business, human resources management and accounts keeping.  In the past few years she has enhanced her computer skills to include website creation.

Nicki has been studying the ancient skill of Feng Shui, and recently launched ‘Feng Shui with Nicki‘, which she will be incorporating as an added service for Total Clarity Realty’s customers.

Nicki’s outstanding abilities to deal with customers on a very personal level is essential in a customer focussed business and her extensive administrative abilities ensures the best possible promotion of people’s properties through the extensive digital network that exists in today’s business environment.

Geoff and Nicki are therefore the ideal couple to pool their substantial experience and expertise into operating a very new, different and exciting real estate agency model in Queensland, saving property sellers substantial dollars.

Our Commitments


Enjoy a clear alternative to selling your home and pay NO commissions!


Enjoy superior marketing strategies on and as utilised by commissioned real estate agents BUT at a fraction of the cost.


Enjoy a superior level of regular communication on the status of your private home sale.


Enjoy people who listen with humility and act with courage – then enact clarity of thinking to do something about what we have heard.


Enjoy the latest in digital and descriptive marketing techniques backed by professional experience and industry qualifications in the marketing profession.


Enjoy a level of emotional intelligence seldom experienced in the industry.


Enjoy our genuine integrity, honest, work ethic, totally in keeping with the reputation and superior brand recognition of Total Clarity Realty.


Enjoy the benefit of a 100% Queensland business entity, empowering you to sell your own property and totally committed, no ifs, not buts.


Enjoy stepping up and embracing a new era in real estate where our PRIVATE sale methodology and selling your home meet.


Empowering YOU to private home sale … SUCCESS!

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