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Posted by Geoff Gill on October 11, 2016
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Anytime Is A Good Time To Sell Privately
However, all of us know that when selling a property a number of factors come into play – many of which we have no control over.

Some of these can be interest rates, economic activity, house prices, buyer interest/number and frequency of sales in your suburb or town, and the list goes on.

i-sold-through-tcrThe truth is that if we all could wait for the perfect time when all favourable factors are on a high we might never put our property on the market.

The old rule of supply and demand applies to real estate and to see evidence of this just see what has happened in Sydney and Melbourne.  Buyer demand in these cities has meant sales are very rapid along with price escalation.

In our own State of Queensland, we have not experienced the same activity however the pundits are predicting increasing levels of activity on the horizon.

But here’s the thing.  When you decide to sell your property, there are normally pressing reasons to do so, consequently that’s why we see tens of thousands of homes for sale throughout Queensland.

What is happening however, is that property owners want the best return on their sale and this is where selling privately through Total Clarity Realty is the best bet.

If your property is situated in a suburb or town where sales are happening in just a few weeks or less then why would you have an agent sell your property so easily in a demand environment?  One, two, three open inspections for a half an hour – a sale, then tens of thousands in commission plus marketing costs – just doesn’t make financial sense, does it?

Conversely, if your property is situated in a suburb or town where sales are taking a lot longer, do you believe the agent is going to take the same interest in your property in 20 or thirty weeks down the track?  Highly unlikely!

As the owner however, you still have to maintain the home and present it in case a keen buyer comes along, so you may as well do the selling as well – after all, you will be still very keen and eager to make the sale.

In addition, remember agents don’t get paid if they don’t sell so unless they can convince you to lower your price considerably to get a quick sale, their interest will shift from your property to other more recent listings.

Remember, most agents will also be passing on the marketing costs of your listing as well.

Going private sale with Total Clarity Realty means a one-off fee that gets you onto Australia’s biggest and busiest online portal, and other digital portals until you sell, AND NO COMMISSION!

So yes, anytime is a good time to sell privately, so if you have the urge to sell or a requirement to sell NOW is a good time to call us and get the ball rolling.

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