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Posted by Geoff Gill on January 27, 2016
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Can You Sell A Property Fast
In A Real Estate Buyers’ Market?
Can you sell a property fast in a real estate buyer’s market?  Well, not according to the November 2015 Commonwealth Bank – CoreLogic RP Data Home Buyers Index – phew!

After trying to analyse what all that means to sell a property fast – who knows?

The above lengthy title, commonly referred to as the HBI Indicator (Home Buyers Index) is a measurement providing an indication of how well market conditions are suited to buyers and sellers.

Now, those of you who have decided to sell your home yourself through Total Clarity Realty will naturally be looking for home sale success in the shortest possible timeframe.

Being an astute seller you will be keeping a close eye on local real estate listings through to gauge comparative price, time on market and home sales in your neighbourhood.

If you were living in Sydney or Melbourne and involved in home sale real estate, those clients are listed on the HBI as 5’s on ‘Extreme Seller’s Market’.

However, in Brisbane the score is 2, a buyers’ market, where these people have enjoyed an advantage over sellers in the past quarter.

In contrast, those selling homes in Wide-Bay Burnett, Central West, Mackay, South West, West Moreton are listed as ‘Extreme Buyers’ Market’.

Why Choose Total Clarity Realty?If I detect a spot of panic in readers of this article, please consider this.  Unless you’re selling in Queensland to buy in Sydney or Melbourne, you are going to be selling and purchasing into a buyers’ market real estate in Queensland.  Buyers’ Market vs Sellers’ Market is similar.

In other words, it’s horses for courses, a buyers’ market vs sellers’ market will bring you out about even, especially if you go down the private sale route through Total Clarity Realty – remember – NO COMMISSION!

In Queensland regions, particularly those associated with the mining sector dominate the best markets for buyers of property.  Also there are an increased number of houses for sale relative to current demand.

This generally means that the notion of being able to sell a property fast will not occur unless you are prepared to discount the price substantially.  If you are able to use patience and consistently present your property in the best light, success will come albeit over a longer timeframe.

Total Clarity Realty’s comprehensive sales package is only $1389 – all inclusive Until Sold!  So call now on 1300 585 836.

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