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Yes, the list and explanations are comprehensive, however we would rather cover the majority of questions you may have rather than have you guessing.

The Frequently Asked Questions should give you the utmost confidence in utilising
Total Clarity Realty to sell privately.

What Can I Expect When Signing Up With Total Clarity Realty?

Total Clarity Realty takes away any doubt, confusion or fear when it comes to the uploading of your property details and photographs.

There is a simple 1, 2, 3 process, please click here for details.

How Do I Pay To Use Total Clarity Realty For My Private Sale?

Total Clarity Realty will provide you with a Tax Invoice that will have the banking details for direct deposit.

Alternatively, payment arrangements can be made via PayPal.

Are There Any Hidden Costs Using Total Clarity Realty?

As our name suggests, Total Clarity Realty, we are totally transparent.  There are NO hidden costs associated with the package as provided on our website.

Are Any Commissions Payable?

Again, as our name suggests, Total Clarity Realty, we are totally transparent and there are definitely NO commissions to pay.  We are here to help you achieve a private sale and save thousands.

Does Total Clarity Realty Upload My Listing?

Yes!  Total Clarity Realty takes care of all of the uploading.  Just follow our simple 1, 2, 3 process and you’re on your way to private selling.  Click here for details or call us on 1300 585 836.

What If I Want To Change Something In My Listing?

Just send through the changes that you wish to  make to your listing, and Total Clarity Realty will take care of this for you.

How Many Photographs Can I Use?

There is no limit as to how many photographs you send to us for use for your listing however, the real estate portals that we use do have a maximum allowance on their sites.

Please note that you do also have the option to submit a floor plan and a video of the property.

What Photo Is Used As The Main Image?

This is entirely your choice or leave it to Total Clarity Realty to make that decision for you based on the photographs that you supply.  In any case, if you want to change your main image at any time, just let us know!

My Circumstances Have Changed And I Need To Temporarily Withdraw My Property. Can I Do This?

Total Clarity Realty understands that we are often confronted with life changes that would result in the requirement to temporary withdraw a listing from the market.

Please contact us directly to discuss the options that are available.  Please note that there are certain rules and regulations associated with with the real estate portals that may need to be considered.

How Do I Mark My Property As 'Under Contract' Or 'Sold'?

When you have the exciting news of an offer or the property has sold, please let us know so that we can mark your property appropriately, either ‘Under Contract’ or ‘Sold’.

What Happens When Someone Makes An Online Enquiry For My Property?

When an online inquiry is made for your property, Total Clarity Realty will forward this inquiry direct to your email address and also send a SMS notification to your mobile phone number.

What Happens When Someone Phones Up About My Property?

All property inquiries are forwarded onto you with the potential buyers details via your preferred method of contact, i.e. via email, SMS notification or direct telephone call.

What Happens If Someone Asks Specific Questions About My Property?

No specific details of your property will be discussed with a potential buyer.  Total Clarity Realty’s role is to provide you with the buyer details and for you to handle all inquiries.

Can I See How Many Views My Property Has Had?

realestate.com.au has a ‘Show Page Visits’ icon located in the top right above the thumbnail images on your property listing, simply click to reveal the number of visits.  Please note, that these will include the number of times you check your inquiry rates.

Please note that Total Clarity Realty provides you with weekly statistical reports.

What Does The 'SELLING' Sign Look Like?

Here is what the ‘SELLING‘ sign looks like.  Your contact number will be inserted where indicated on the image below.

The sign is approximately 600 mm x 900 mm.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My 'SELLING' Sign?

Please allow up to 7 days to receive your ‘SELLING’ sign.  Please note that these are delivered via Total Clarity Realty’s preferred delivery method.

Can I Have My 'For Sale' Sign Delivered To A Different Address?

If your preference is to have your ‘For Sale’ sign delivered to an alternate address, please ensure that you include this on the Property Submission Form, or let us know via email so that arrangements can be made.

What Do The Property Brochures Look Like?

Total Clarity Realty

How Do I Receive My Property Brochures?

As part of your listing package, you will receive a professionally presented property brochure in PDF format via email that you can take to a local printer and have as many printed as you need or you can print them direct to your own printer and hand out to prospective buyers.

Please note that you will not receive any brochures through the post.

What Is Different Between The Property Reports That Total Clarity Realty Provides And Those Available On The Internet?

The free property reports available on the Internet provide basic and generalised information about a suburb as opposed to the property reports that we can provide that provide actual sales data for your property and properties within your surrounding area and suburb.  These are the same reports that real estate agents in Queensland are required, by law, to provide when conducting a property appraisal.

How Do I Contact You If I Need Help?

We are only a phone call or email away.  Either phone us on 1300 585 836 or email us at hello@totalclarityrealty.com.au.

Can I Use Your Service As Well As A Commissioned Real Estate Agent?

There is nothing to stop you from doing this, but be sure to liaise with your real estate agent to ensure that he or she is in agreement.  Please note that they may want to still charge a commission should your buyer be an inquiry via your private sale venture, so be sure to understand the boundaries with this regard.  Remember, we are here to help you save thousands on commissions, and all we will charge is our package fees.

Where Can I Locate A Conveyancer Or Solicitor To Assist Me In The Sale Of My Property?

There are conveyancers and solicitors in almost every town in Queensland.  We recommend that you get a conveyancer or solicitor to prepare all the documents you require in preparation of when you have a ready to go to contract on your property.

How Can I Cancel My Account?

Please contact us at hello@totalclarityrealty.com.au with your request to cancel and we will attend to removing your property from all of the real estate portals.

Total Clarity Realty Supports Four Charities; World Animal Protection, Motor Neurone Disease Queensland, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Bravehearts, How Does That Work?

Each customer who uses Total Clarity Realty’s services to sell their home privately, has the opportunity to choose one of these very worthy charities and Total Clarity Realty donates $35 to their chosen charity.

Please note that you will receive an email requesting your selection of one of these worthy charities.

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