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Posted by Geoff Gill on November 16, 2016
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Five Major Saleability Factors In Your Control

In deciding which path you should take in selling your property, that is, through a commissioned agent or selling your property yourself, you need to consider these important factors.

And these are outside of the large savings you will make from not paying commission.

When you sell through an agent, you are completely in his or her control.  After all, they are going to call all the shots.

Factors such as price set for your home, open inspection times, who is going to inspect your home, marketing costs, offers, price reductions, communication are just a few.

When you sell your own home all of the above fall into your lap, so panic stations, why?

All of these decisions will have to be passed on from the agent to you anyway because it’s your home, your availability and final selling price acceptance that the agent is going to have to get you to agree to.

So instead of all the same responsibilities of owner to agent why not just do it yourself?

OK, now that we’ve got that settled, let’s discuss the saleability factors in your control to maximise the sale – worthiness of your home.

Finding the right buyer is going to be difficult enough when there are several, sometimes dozens of listings in your suburb or town so ensuring your property is 100% and you are prepared to meet your responsibilities of selling head on.

1  Truthful Description, Truthful Photographs

This should be a no-brainer, but ensure what is in your property description is completely true.  False statements of bending the truth will soon be detected by potential buyers if not directly at the inspection (where they will walk straight out again), but later after researching.

Your photographs need to be current and not those which are years old and the house has deteriorated over time.  Extreme wide angle shots which depict rooms much larger than they really are will be recognised immediately when prospective buyers enter the home.

When your home’s inspection exceeds your property description and photographs, potential buyers emotions will be at their highest and a sale probability is intensified.

2  Be Highly Organised, Cover All The Bases

As discussed above, you have a keen buyer so it is in yours and their best interest to make the purchase an easy decision and a smooth process.

Have a current home and pest inspection report available.  When I say current, it means one that has dealt with any issues the home may have had (electrical, leaks, termites), so the buyer is left with no doubts about the condition of the home.  You want top dollars, right?  A potential buyer will discount off the price the cost of items he or she will have to repair after purchase or may just walk away knowing there will be another home nearby in better condition.

Have your selling contract on hand, prepared by a solicitor so you are able to close the sale then and there.  Although there will still be a cooling off period (unless the buyer indicates an opting out of this), chances are they have fallen in love with the house and will proceed.

Also ensure you know your preferred moving out date so your preferred settlement date is well known to the buyer.  From your perspective, best to show your willingness to settle early than a drawn out situation.

3  Be Available

Notwithstanding your home is the best looking in the location, this is worth nothing if you are not available to open your home for inspections.  You must even be prepared for those unexpected requests for an inspection outside of your ‘open homes’.  Be available and flexible with the end goal in mind to sell your home in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

4  Revamp or Renovate

Your home’s saleability may be enhanced by kitchen, bathroom renovation, installing air-conditioning or new carpets, curtains to patching up holes in the walls and applying a fresh coast of neutral colour paint.

Some buyers may be impressed by a swag of renovations, but beware.  Not all renovations will add value to your home because many are going to be subject to the taste of the potential buyer.  Practical upgrades to your home, yes, but beware of unnecessary, expensive renovations.

5  Listing Price

Setting the right listing price for your home is important because it gives you a much better chance of selling quickly.

Try not to let emotions get in the way of a fair, competitive and equitable price.

To gain a better understanding of your home’s value, review the comparable prices in your location.  Homes that have sold and have similar characteristics as yours, similar homes that are currently on the market and their asking price.

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