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Question : Is it legal to sell your home privately?
Answer : Sure is!

A common question asked when we are promoting Total Clarity Realty is ‘well, we would like to sell our home ourselves, but is it legal to do so?’.

Yes, you can.  Simply because it is your home and therefore you can sell it yourself, regardless of whether you have a mortgage or not.

Similarly, you can sell your car yourself and tens of thousands are doing just this through websites such as  We even sell our furniture.  In fact, most things are legal to sell as long as you own it.

Now admittedly your home is worth a lot more than your car but in both cases, there are legal requirements to observe particularly in our State of Queensland.

In the case of property, whether the seller is a commissioned real estate agent or private seller, a legal contract containing mandatory clauses needs to be utilised and gained through a conveyancing firm.  There will be a fee for this whether you sell privately through Total Clarity Realty or a commissioned real estate agent.

We highly recommend that you have a solicitor check a contract for sale before you sign it.  This ensures all the legal requirements are met rather than the sale of your home being compromised by mistakes or omissions in the contract wording.

So don’t be frightened off a sale by owner over legalities because we are served by dozens and dozens of legal firms all across Queensland where you can personally contact their office or go online.

The best advice we can give you at Total Clarity Realty is at the same time of listing your property with us you organise a solicitor/conveyancer and have the correct contracts available at your first open inspection, ready for that eager buyer!

Now those of you who may not have a family solicitor or live in a location where a solicitor is not located, Total Clarity Realty has been approached by a firm and a solicitor who is interested in providing conveyancing for private sellers.  This person can work online, or via the phone so may be a good convenient option for your conveyancing needs.

There is no legal binding arrangement or financial reward for Total Clarity Realty, simply an option for your conveyancing needs, so the decision to utilise this firm is entirely in your hands.

IT'S AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3!

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