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Posted by Geoff Gill on September 20, 2015
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Why Licenced Real Estate Salespeople
Will Do Anything For A Listing
Why Licenced Real Estate Salespeople Will Do Anything For A ListingThe Australian Real Estate industry (and most likely other countries) is one of the last industries where ‘employees’ do not get a wage.  Yes, that’s right, the industry that probably deals with one of the most emotional periods we Australians experience – the selling of our home is mainly transacted by people who don’t get paid – until they sell your home.  No wage, no car allowance, no sick pay, provide their own phone, no overtime, weekend work, own laptop/tablet and so on.

Even when they earn commission – at your expense – they only get a portion of the 2 to 3+ percent that the agency Principal earns.

Is it any wonder why it is a cut-throat industry where getting listings is King and over-quoting and under-quoting on houses and units is often seen as the norm*.

The pawn in this feeding frenzy is you the vendor because, as we mentioned above, selling your home is one of the most emotional times of your life.  Many of you for various reasons, may go through this ‘selling’ of your most valued asset many times; have you ever counted up the total commissions you have paid out?

No wonder there is a fast-growing trend overseas on private property sales – spurred on by commissions that are, in some countries, as high as 6%!

Australia is joining this private sales trend and so we should.  The constant hype about how the only people qualified to sell your home is a Real Estate sales agent is spurious to say the least.

Look at the situation particularly in Sydney and Melbourne where buyers are in frenzied competition to purchase property.  Selling would be like taking candy from a baby!

In the regions (away from Capital cities) property takes longer to sell however, when the right motivated buyer comes along, it doesn’t take a ‘super salesperson’ to make the sale.

We could write a book on the tricks, exaggerations, bending the truth that many agents practice.  However it would be depressingly annoying to do so.  Better to extol the virtues of privately selling your home which are financially advantageous, hugely personally satisfying, and complementing your personal pride, endeavours and knowledge of your home, suburb or town and near-by amenities.  AND let’s not forget, Total Clarity Realty only charges $1389 and ZERO commission!

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call on 1300 585 836 today to learn more.

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