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Posted by Geoff Gill on February 9, 2016
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REIQ Chief Executive Says
You Haven’t Got The Skills!’
 So you don’t have the time, capacity, skills or motivation to sell your home yourself?

The above title was gleaned from words included in a recent article in the Real Estate section of the Courier Mail by REIQ Chief Executive, Antonia Mercorella [Feb 6th, 2016].  So, the REIQ Chief Executive says you haven’t got the skills!

Now I am not sure how many Queenslander’s read that article however, when I read it, and read it again it confirmed how demeaning it was to Queensland folk who are considering selling their own home.

Now in today’s society, we all have the opportunity to put our point of view, and that is a positive feature of our Australian way of life.
So Ms Mercorella has aired her point of view that really the only sure way of selling your property in Queensland is through a commissioned agent and one that is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland.

Her article was in response to, and I quote from her article “some bold claims published in the media this week put forward the idea that real estate agents were an unnecessary part of the property sales process”.

For several decades now the sale of people’s property has been the exclusive domain of the operators of Real Estate agencies, who by virtue of a commission, based on the value of that sale, have turned it into a very lucrative industry.

And for decades, millions of us have, like puppets, placed our expensive assets in the hands of real estate agents because it was seen as the only option, the only course we could take.

Recall over the past couple of years, owners and management of very large retail chains complaining about the incredible rise of online shopping.  Fancy, people having the temerity to shop for a myriad of goods (some very expensive) online by clicking on the article and paying without the assistance of a salesperson.  This is the new order, it’s not for everyone, but it’s our choice if we want to and generally save a lot of money at the same time.

How many of you these days deliberately visit a Real Estate office to view the listings on the front window?  Why would you bother when you can, in the comfort of your home or palm of your hand, view thousands of properties for sale anywhere in the world online.

REIQ Chief Executive Says You Haven't Got The Skills! We Believe You Do!!

So getting back to Ms Mercorella’s statements about you, the home owners considering selling your home yourself.

“The reality is the majority of sellers don’t have the time, capacity, skills or motivation to conduct the sale themselves”.

Gee, the word capacity (meaning the ability to understand or learn) skills, motivation really sums up what she thinks about Queenslanders looking to sell their own real estate.

sold-sign-in-housesYes, the number of businesses in the ‘private sale by owner’ category is at this stage small and those of us choosing to embrace this cost saving alternative, for home owners will be targeted mercifully by the traditional Real Estate industry.  As opposed to Ms Mercarella’s views on your capacity, skills and abilities, we believe a great number of you DO have all those attributes and more to achieve your home sale yourself.

In the United States, Britain and Europe, private selling of property has been steadily growing for quite some time.

It is inevitable that it will grow in Australia, it just takes confidence by you the homeowner and superior backing and service by those of us in the private real estate sales industry – and the best part – NO COMMISSION!

So, prove Ms Mercorella wrong, and embrace the new era in real estate and sell your home privately through Total Clarity Realty.  Call us now on 1300 585 836 and start listing your property today and save thousands in real estate commissions!

IT'S AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3!

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