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Posted by Geoff Gill on November 23, 2015
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Selling Your Home Yourself
Chattels In Chattels Out
As we know there are many advantages to selling your home yourself, the obvious one being the financial benefits (ZERO commission) and the other obvious advantage is utilising Total Clarity Realty who provides superior marketing advantages over most commission paid agents.  One of the least thought of advantages of selling your home yourself is the fact that you are negotiating directly with the potential buyer.

Selling Your Home Yourself - Chattels In Chattels OutOne of the areas of negotiation that a commission agent does not have is involving the category of chattels, or fixtures and fittings.  A simple explanation is that chattel is defined as ‘moveable property’ whereas ‘fixtures and fittings’ are items pretty much attached to the building.

When you negotiate when selling your home, do you sell your own home without negotiating on price?  Most likely not.  However, quite often chattels can come under the spotlight of the buyer and because you are selling your house privately you have full rights to negotiate directly with the buyer.

In addition, notwithstanding vendors would have listed ‘everything’ included in chattels, fixtures and fittings and items ‘excluded’ in a commissioned agent sale, arguments and even cancelled contracts can occur.

House sale success, particularly when selling your home yourself, is your ability to negotiate around chattels the buyer wants to include in his or her offer and those same items you are prepared to let go of to complete the deal.

Also, when you are dealing directly with the buyer when selling property privately disagreements can be settled in a calm, one to one manner avoiding the toing and froing that a commissioned agent would have to endure between the vendor and purchaser.

So in conclusion, selling your home yourself puts you in the driver’s seat in negotiations with the buyer which can only be a good thing.  Call us today on 1300 585 836 and start your journey to home sales success.

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