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Terry & Kerry King – Sarina, Queensland

Nearly all of us who have been through selling real estate, have our opinions of the agents who are meant to be representing us …

My husband and I some 4 years ago, decided to sell our beautiful Tropical Retreat with views, granny flat, acreage, pool and spa.

Unfortunately, living in the midst of the mining sector, our little piece of heaven, dropped from mid $800k’s to high $500’s with a huge loss to us as we had spent a fortune renovating our supposed ‘Forever Home’.

Family circumstances have made our stay impossible, so we are about to move interstate to fullfil our duty and love, as Carer for a  sick  parent.

With 4 different agents over this period, we were left to ‘show’ (the agent’s) clients through our own property. Very rarely heard a word from them, or receive regular report updates. Only 5 or 6 enquiries in that entire time.

Giving up in disgust a couple of months ago, I was wondering through our local shopping centre and saw a sign with ‘Total Clarity Realty‘.

Thinking I was about to run into another agent, I quickly voiced my disgust in what I had experienced. This lovely, soft natured Lady calmly reassured me that both Her husband and herself were not traditional agents, but were there to assist sellers to market their property within the social media world as well as the usual Internet advertising websites.

I spent 10 minutes with Nicola Gill, and knew that my Bad Luck was about to do a turnaround and become Good Fortune.

Within 7 days I had received numerous calls from Nicola (more in that short time, than I had received from my other 4 agents put together in the 4 year period that we had endured).

To date, some 2 months gone, we have had 4 couples through for viewings, multiple enquiries and weekly Campaign Reports, as well as usually twice weekly emails or phone calls.

For anyone who is ‘Fed Up’ with your past experiences, I can highly recommend, the care, respect, and professionalism that Nicola and Geoff offer.

They were the Angels I needed in a very trying time, but as  they say, everything comes to those who wait … and ‘wait’ we did.

Thank you dear souls. I wish Total Clarity Realty every success.