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Access to Meaningful Sales Data for YOUR Location

Truth is, your normal observation skills would inform you about homes that have sold in your suburb or town recently and houses currently on the market for sale.

We could bombard you with sales reports over the past number of years – but why?

Sales over the past 6 to 12 months are more important to give you a guide on what sold, and for how much.  Just as important is, what is on the market currently, at what price AND how long has it been on the market.

Unless your location is in the absolute home sale doldrums, houses that remain on the market for hundreds of days are either in poor condition, poor location, overpriced or one or more of the above.

Research on this aspect, comparing your property with current ‘for sale’ properties is a very good price guide as well as what other properties similar to your own sold for in recent times.

We have access to a myriad of real estate information which we can provide to you on request – you just need to ask.

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